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Friday, March 02, 2007

Vista Offers Nothing to Gamers

From the feedback I've heard from the gaming community up to now, gaming on Vista isn't entirely bad, but it isn't the "walk in the park" Microsoft promised it would be before its release. If you're a gamer and are planning to install Vista on your box, The folks at TwitchGuru just pubbed an interesting article taking a look at installing and running a few choice titles on Microsoft's newest OS from a gamer's point of view.

Much has been written about the recent launch of Microsoft's Windows Vista and all the problems users are experiencing. A lot of that coverage has been very analytical in nature with lots of graphs and math, but very little in the way of user experience. I wanted to see how games played under Vista, so I grabbed a machine in the office, a copy of Vista Home Premium, a stack of games, and set to work.

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