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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Geek Squad Charges $415 Dollars To Replace Perfectly Good Hard Drive

Yes folks, according to this article on the Consumerist, Best Buy's Geek Squad charged $415 dollars to a customer simply to replace a supposedly defective hard drive with a new one, and only issued him a partial refund when showed that the real problem wasn't about the hard drive.

  • Price to diagnose: $69.00
  • OS Install: $129.00
  • Back up transfer:$99.00
  • New Hard Drive: $118.00
  • NO Guarantee
  • Estimated repair time seven to ten days.
What's the moral of this story? It seems that despite the fact that Geek Squad bills itself as a friendly alternative to scary computer repair places who'll rip you off, they're not even as good as your friend at work. Maybe O. would have been better off if he'd just offered his friend $250.00 if he could get the computer to work.


  • One response to that said:
    You want premium service go to Geek Squad, you want Joe Blow using Illegal Software and adding shit like Spybots on your comptuer and telling you Limewire is the best software out there then look them up in a paper. if you don't like the price find a friend to fix your computer, and once they are don't messing it up, bring it by the Geek Squad to have them do it right.

    Getting a friend to fix your computer won't mess it up. If they know how to fix it, they'll do it right. If they don't know how, they'll probably say straight out that they don't know much about computers. Yeah, when I was like 12 I'd accidentally make things worse, but never through software. Only ever "broke" it by not plugging the hard drive back in then wondering what's wrong ;)

    But hey, as far as those Geek Squad guys are concerned, it's probably impossible for me to know anything about Windows since I'm a Linux user--not like I didn't use Windows for 9 years. Then again, they're the ones who stare at me dumbfounded when I ask a question, then run to Google. Last time, they told me wrongly that my mp3 player was Linux-incompatible, even though Gnomad2 shows up very highly on Google when you search for it. Gotta give them credit though for not being the same Best Buy employees who tried to tell me that the AMD Turion64 X2 was a desktop processor. I don't hold Best Buy in very high regard (premium service, my foot!). The store where I work, one tech is Windows-only, the other knows Windows and Linux really well, and if the techs are out I can answer questions for both at the counter.

    And this little "Jo Blow" (gotta use the girl spelling) wouldn't install cracked software. Free (libre&gratis)? Yessiree. OpenOffice.org, ClamWin, Firefox? I'll install that. And throw in Spybot S&D and AdAware for non-open-source-but-still-great-and-gratis software

    By Blogger Mackenzie, at 5:20 PM  

  • Goes to show you that it is easy to get ripped off big time for something as simple as a computer repair. Who is the non tech savvy to trust?

    By Anonymous Alan, at 12:31 AM  

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