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Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl Site Hacked with Trojan, Keylogger

For those of you that have visited the Dolphin Stadium's website in recent days with an unpatched windows computer, be warned: your computer might now be the new home of two highly undesirable visitors.

The code, hidden under the file name "w1c.exe," initiates both Trojan horse and keylogging capabilities, potentially allowing a hacker to track and record keyboard strokes in order to steal credit card, Social Security or other user information.

The malicious JavaScript file was inserted into the header of the front page of the Dolphin Stadium site. Once visitors entered, it was designed to execute a script that attempts to exploit two known vulnerabilities: MS06-014 and MS07-004. Both of these exploits attempt to download and execute a malicious file.

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  • Oh, well isn't THAT lovely? Not the first time, either. During March Madness about 7 years ago (I think) there was the Happy Birthday virus on ESPN's site. At least, that was the conclusion reached when some school computers were infected with it along with student ones. That was the only pattern anyone found with them.

    By Blogger Mackenzie, at 1:41 PM  

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