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Saturday, February 03, 2007

New York Times to Jump on YouTube Bandwagon

Starting March 2007, the official newspaper of New-Yorkers plans to launch a youtube-like video service that will display user-generated content online. The news, which was released by Nicholas Aschei, director of entertainment for video and audio at New York Times Digital, has the main goal of lowering the production cost related to the production of video content for nytimes.com.

“The most expensive thing is the journalists themselves. That’s why user-generated content is interesting,” said Mr. Ascheim, director of entertainment for video and audio at New York Times Digital

He then goes on and says:

“We’re comfortable about embedding our video on other sites now,” he said. “Amassing an audience to make a business out of this on your own site is probably not a reality.”

Will this attempt to get in the user generated video content market be a success or a miserable flop for the New York Times? With all the YouTube wannabe services popping out everywhere, I really doubt that this "NewTube" will be any different from what is already available online, so why should they succeed where tons of others are barely able to keep their head above water?

Source: Red Herring)


  • i guess it will depend how they market it but still customer demand is crucial and since there are so many services as you said the market is quite fragmented

    By Blogger Tisha!, at 8:02 AM  

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