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Friday, February 16, 2007

New Hack Lets Bad Guys Sneak into Home Routers

Linksys WRT54GCnet has an article this morning reporting that researchers at Indiana University and Symantec have discovered that attackers could be using JavaScript code on a webpage to modify your home router's configuration. This threat will only work if your router is configured to use the manufacturer's default password, so if you haven't changed it yet, maybe you should start thinking about doing it!

The researchers found that it is possible to change the DNS, or Domain Name System, settings of a router if the owner uses a connected PC to view a Web page with the JavaScript code. This DNS change lets the attacker divert all the Net traffic going through the router. For example, if the victim types in "www.mybank.com," the request could be sent to a similar-looking fake page created to steal sensitive data.

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