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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Congress & Tech Companies Working Towards Greening Up Servers

This story is a little bit old, but I thought I would bring it up as I am a little surprised it has not recieved more attention in the US. In December, before Democrats took control of Congress, the House and Senate passed legislation requiring the EPA to study power consumption in computers and in data centers. This study, which is to be completed and submitted to Congress by May, requires that the EPA essentially take inventory of the data centers in use by the US government and how much power they consume. The study is also supposed to come up with guidelines and best practices for lower power consumption and developing a more green system for data centers that should then be taken up by the IT industry. House Resolution 5646 states:

It is the sense of Congress that it is in the best interest of the United States for purchasers of computer servers to give high priority to energy efficiency as a factor in determining best value and performance for purchases of computer servers.

Usually when the Congress passes a “sense of the Congress” bill, forward thinking companies assume that Congress wants to start mandating something and will try to get ahead of the curve. Several companies are already doing so. Sun Microsystems and SalesForce are researching ways that they can green up (as are other companies). With Congress getting into the mix, the sense of urgency will increase. As is typical when the government decides to get involved, many companies will try to get their viewpoints published with the findings that will help maximize their exposure and their bottom line.

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