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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Steve Ballmer laughs at Apple iPhone (Video)

In this CNBC interview, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gives us his impressions on the iPhone. Do you agree with him?


  • It actually looks like i am. Microsoft is being criticized a lot, but i think Apple is not a saint nor prophet either. The 500$ price point is really very high, but we also have to consider that it is also a video ipod... but what annoys me about that is that it is low on memory: the screen on it is amazing, it could use large videos and until now, for me at least (to be clear i do not own an ipod nor any kind of mp3 player except an mp3 cd player which i use frequently), the main idea of an ipod is that it has so much space that you can put anything on it and never delete a song. Even with the 5. gen ipod, it has at least 30 gigs versus the new video ipods (uh, sorry, iphones) maximum of 8... that's kind of silly. so what do you really get for 500? a nano... and a telephone. As Ballmer said, it does not even have a real keyboard. Yes, it has some kind of a system which prevents typos (and those will be frequent!), but even so, real keyboards are still the real deal. And one must not forget that the anti-typo thing works only in English... and most of the people on earth do not speak English. Of course, most of the people who will buy the iphone will, but... that is still a serious flaw. What more did the iphone have... multi-touch? How on earth could that be useful for something that goes in your pocket? Exactly how small are our fingers? I say go for a palm or treo, and if you need an extra music player (you usually don't, just a large sd card) buy a large ipod.

    By Blogger Mattias, at 3:05 PM  

  • Good points Mattias ;)

    I have to admit that the iPhone is ridiculously low on memory, why would it be of any use as a video player with only 8Go of space? And is it 8Go minus the space that OSx takes, and minus all other apps that can be loaded in there?

    The keyboard is also a very important feature for business users. Alot of people at my work are crackberries uh, Blackberry users and need that keyboard to send and receive mail rapidly through our exchange server. They also need to use all the collaborative features that the blackberry offers. (Group Calendar / tasks/ contacts) There's no way the iPhone will do that.

    In the end, I think the iphone is mainly an eye-candy device.

    By Blogger Kiltak, at 4:27 PM  

  • I actually couldn't watch the video cause my iPhone was acting up hahaha I'll be back and I didn't realize how much fun you're having around here Kiltak!


    By Blogger Tisha!, at 5:36 PM  

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