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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Six Rootkit Detectors To Protect Your PC

Sony rootkitInformation Week has just released a good article evaluating six of the most popular rootkit detectors that can be found on the web. Might be worth a look if you ever had the misfortune of playing one of those Sony rootkit CDs on your box.

The concept of the rootkit isn't a new one, and dates back to the days of Unix. An intruder could use a kit of common Unix tools, recompiled to allow an intruder to have administrative or root access without leaving traces behind. Rootkits, as we've come to know them today, are programs designed to conceal themselves from both the operating system and the user — usually by performing end-runs around common system APIs. It's possible for a legitimate program to do this, but the term rootkit typically applies to something that does so with hostile intent as a prelude toward stealing information, such as bank account numbers or passwords, or causing other kinds of havoc.

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