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Friday, January 05, 2007

SanDisk Releases 32GB Flash-based Drives for Notebooks

Sandisk SSDSandisk has announced on Thursday that they have released a 32 GB flash drive made exclusively for laptops. The drive is currently only available to manufacturers, so retail pricing has not been revealed yet, but according to new.com, the drive should add around $600 to the total price of the laptop.

Unlike traditional hard drives, flash memory drives do not contain moving parts. As a result, flash devices are less prone to breaking down--flash cards can survive drops from great heights--and consume less energy. SanDisk's flash drive can increase battery life by about 10 percent, said Doreet Oren, director of product marketing for SanDisk.

Flash also can retrieve data faster. In its own tests, Sandisk says its flash drive can boot-up Windows Vista--the next version of the Windows operating system--in 35 seconds, a half-minute faster than the 55-second boot-up time required with a conventional drive.

Ok, there seem to be a problem here. In my book, 55 seconds minus 35 equals 20, not half a minute. It seems that people working at news.com really need to be taking some elementary math classes.

I'll be impatiently waiting to see how durable these new drives are going to be. Flash-based memory only has a
finite number of read / write cycles after all, so how will these new drives handle loads imposed by I/O intensive applications?

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  • Sadly, most journalists don't care about facts, just hype. I'm not surprised at all that someone would say 20 sec. is 1/2 min. for wow effect. As you said, I don't think flash memory will be nearly capable of handling I/O intensive applications. The cost cannot be justified by a little power saving. SanDisk is only making it more difficult on IT professionals to do their jobs. I'm tired of telling clients that they bought a crappy product.

    By Blogger Charles Eggebrecht, at 12:59 AM  

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