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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Helpful Webcasts

With a new mandate to improve security here at work, we have been coming up with new designs for our infrastructure. Between my SysAdmin partner and I, we have some experience in doing this, however, we're not entirely up to date on some of the technologies out there. IT changes so quickly, it's hard to keep up, right?

One of the other issues that we have to put up with in IT is that companies do not always enjoy forking out $5000 for a good course to get you up to date; at least, that is the case here. So I turn to webcasts from various places on the web to help me get acquainted with some of the newest developments out there in high-tech.

  • Symantec has some pretty helpful online events if you use Symantec Products, such as: Backup Exec, or Anti-Virus Server & Client.
  • The SANS Institute is another resource that I use for self-education on the latest technologies or methodologies. I recently watched a webcast on VPN & Security. If anything, it gave me ideas on how to better improve what we've got in place here. You can check out their archived and upcoming events HERE.
  • Every so often, I check out Microsoft's webcasts. Right now, they have a ton of information on Exchange 2007, Vista, and Office Live.
With budgets being so tight, and the fact that most of these webcasts are free, I thought it would be helpful to point out some great resources for self-education.

Happy Webcasting.



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