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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hello iPhone!

It's official. Apple is no longer a computer company. They've made more than just computers for awhile now (there's that iPod thing...have you heard of it?), but the next big thing is still a computer. Except it isn't.

Introducing the Apple iPhone:
iPhoneUnveiled today by Steve Jobs at his Macworld keynote speech, this sexy little slab is a phone (one rumor true), a widescreen video iPod (another rumor true), and personal computing device (a few people predicted this as well). It runs OS X. It doesn't actually have a touchscreen...it has a Multi-touch screen.

Some of you may remember a few posts (that resulted in interesting commentary) that I wrote awhile ago on multi-touch technology. The iPhone doesn't quite propel us into the "crazy-awesome future-tech" that Hollywood has shown us, but Apple has (in their typical style) taken a significant step in that direction.

Is this the first such device to show its head? No. But this is Apple. This is Steve Jobs' Apple. And there's that cult of fanatic followers. There are also those of us who are flexible enough to be platform-agnostic, and happen to like good-looking, well-designed devices. And the iPhone is just dead sexy.

Engadget has a bunch of photos posted of the thing, as well as an early comparison with comparable devices. At least, those that think they play in the same league.

Worry about the battery life, audio quality, signal reception, and all those more techy whatevers later. There's a time for objective review, and there's a time for plain ol' awe. I for one am content to just sit here and drool for now.

For those of you who arrived here through Google to see the first iPhone commercial, just click here!

Edit: Here's a quick video of the iPhone in action. Enjoy the show!


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