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Thursday, January 11, 2007

[GAS] MyBlogLog Community

After reading Darren's "How To Market Your Blog in 2007" article today, I decided to follow some of his blog marketing tips and start a MyBlogLog community.

Here is Darren's advice concerning MyBlogLog:

Get Your MyBlogLog widget and work it, work it, work it (in a nice way): MyBlogLog — know it, love it, and embrace it. Since its been acquired by Yahoo, it has the potential to explode all over the blogosphere. The two sentence run down is that it offers a free widget that enables you to build a free community around your blog, and to easily see which other bloggers have been to your blog. You can “add” friends, and generate traffic, but more importantly, your own network of like-minded blogging colleagues in a way that is relatively easy and efficient.

Sounds great right? Trust me, it is. Only 5 minutes after signing up and joining a couple of popular communities, MyBlogLog sent us around 5 new readers. Now let's see how everything turns up after 24 hours.

Sign up to MyBlogLog

Join the [GAS] MyBlogLog community


  • i feel that darren's blog will be gonna to increase too much traffic on MyBlogLog becoz i joined it .. becoz of his post only.. surly he will get some gud money Yahoo .. MyBlogLog's new owner

    By Blogger gagan, at 5:12 AM  

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