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Thursday, January 04, 2007

The 60 Minute NSA Network Security Guide

While browsing digg this afternoon, I stumbled on this great 48 pages security guide that was released back in May 2006 by the National Security Agency (NSA). The guide is very complete and is an excellent resource for those of you who are looking into improving the security of their network.

During the last seven years the National Security Agency’s Systems and Network Attack Center has released Security Guides for operating systems, applications, and network components that operate in the larger IT network. These security guides can be found on our web site at http://www.nsa.gov/snac. Many organizations across the Department of Defense have used these documents in the development of new networks and in securing existing IT infrastructures. This Security Guide addresses security a bit differently. Instead of focusing on a single product or component it covers a wide range of network elements with the notion of providing a terse presentation of those most critical steps that should be taken to secure a network. While intentionally not as complete as the totality of our other guides, our goal is to make system owners and operators aware of key actions that are especially useful as “force multipliers” in the effort to secure their IT network.

You can download the full guide from this location.


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