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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Top 15 Best Time Wasters on the Web

As we're getting closer to Christmas, work-related productivity in companies is quickly going down; so why not follow the trend and waste some of your precious time visiting cool spots on the web? And if you don't know where to start looking, the folks at PC World just pubbed this great article listing the top 15 time wasters on the web.

It's first thing in the morning and you're at the office. You're sipping your coffee and sifting through e-mail, but you're not quite ready to delve into the real work of the day. So what are you gonna do? Fire up your Web browser and distract yourself by wasting time on the Internet.

Ah, but where to start? In the name of science, we culled through hundreds of bookmarks to determine the best sites for spitting in the face of productivity.

Read more (Via Tech. Filter)


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