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Thursday, December 21, 2006

PS3 Draws Controversy!

I remember having a conversation with a colleague who asked me what I thought of the new "Console Technologies" coming out; specifically the Wii and the PS3's.

Personally, I'm not big on console gaming. I'm a gamer, but largely, a PC gamer. I'm willing to spend $2k on a PC, but not so much willing to spend $500 to $1000 on a console gaming system.

My colleague asked me, what is it about the PS3 that is so great? What makes it better than the Xbox 360? Or for that matter, the Wii? I told him frankly: "I don't care."

I'm willing to spend a whack on a PC. Why? Because my PC does more for me than just play games. Sure, I buy the high-end hardware so that I can play the games I want (Oblivion, Guild Wars, Neverwinter Nights 2, Dreamfall, Sims 2), but I use it for work as well, and I need a machine that can give me the horsepower that I want for the money I'm spending.

Now, am I willing to spend a grand on a gaming console? No way! But that's my opinion; my preference. I'd rather spend the cash on hardware that can support the games I want while providing me with the tools I need to do my job.

My argument was simply this: Is Blu-Ray worth the extra $500 that Sony is charging for the PS3? In my opinion, that's a big "Hell no!" Tell me, what'S the main reason people buy those console gaming system?

Everyone together:

"To play games!"

Not to watch Blu-Ray movies!

Does the PS3 kick butt by offering the most technologically advanced video technology??? Suuuuuuure, but who cares!???

When buying a gaming console, I don't care that it offers COMPLETELY realistically generated graphics, so much, as it offers a game that is entertaining and worth the money I'm paying.

So, this begs the question: "How can it compete with the x360?"

Well, for me? If I were to choose? I'd pick an XBox 360 or a PC. The formula is simple. The360 offers great graphic technology, with game titles that buyers are willing to spend money for. Does it matter that the PS3 offers better technology PLUS Blu-Ray capabilities? No, it doesn't. In the end, the buyer simply wants to be entertained with the best games out there (which the 360 provides) and no one really cares about Blu-Ray. No one is buying the PS3 for Blue-Ray, and if they are, they're nuts! (again, my opinion) In any case, the Blu-ray fromat will either fade out, like Sony's Beta technology, or it will be offered dirt-cheap as a PC add on -- further adding credence that one should spend money on their PC first!

Furthermore, people's arguments tend to be: "Well, you PC gamers are willing to spend $700 on a video card, how is it so crazy that someone is willing to dump $800 to $1000 on a PS3?"

The answer to that question is simple: If an avid PC gamer is willing to drop $700 on a Video Card, he is specifically purchasing the power to better graphics on his PC to support the type of gaming he wants. But to spend $800 + on gaming system that offers bells and whistles that he doesn't really need?? That's just plain crazy. I get as much enjoyment out of my gamecube, which I bought for $200, because the games I purchased with it were decent and well done. I don't care about Blu-Ray, I don't care that the console gives me cutting edge video over its competition, I just care that the games I buy for it are great, for a price that's reasonable. And i'm sorry, $800 isn't reasonable for the mediocre games offered on the PS3.

Again, this is my humble opinion, which seems to be shared by an editorial writer at Extreme Tech.

Read the article here.

And please, whether you agree with me or not, weigh in here! Your opinion counts, and I will not slam you if you disagree with me. I invite the debate!



  • I totally agree!!! This whole "console war" situation just disgusts me...all the hype and advertising for these "next generation" devices that PCs have been outperforming for months already!! Sure, it's more expensive to build a computer (aka, the device that all these consoles are becoming more and more similar to)...pffft...the Wii is the most creative unit of the bunch, at least it's got a cool control gimmick.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:08 AM  

  • Okay - despite the whole "this console is better than that console" ... my whole take on the thing is: where the hell do all these average people get all this money??? I mean, no matter which system you're buying, it's not chump-change. I need to get into the debt recovery business.

    By Anonymous Space Cadet, at 9:51 AM  

  • Here is something I recently wrote about the same subject :

    - The noisy : x360, loaded with power-brick, noisy as an A380XX taking off
    - The ninja : Wii, so far so good, but why oh why shouldn't it even play DVD's ??
    - The fscking bad & ugly & horribly pricey & late & OMG : NO WAY!! : ze PS3. A superb console. A superb mistake putting the B-Ray in, an extremely infortunate and insensible one when the clients had to wait (again) for the B-Ray lenses, ... and i'd say a whole nine yards more if I had the will to lose more time commenting this l0ser of a NG console (remember NT ?).

    the only reason for me to get a nex-gen is to get in love with a nex-gen game, and so far, no one has made my heart beat. Let's wait end o' 2007 for MSG4 to appear and we'll see then"

    I also wonder why not one of these does DivX play. With the hardware i'd be paying for, I want a media player in addition to the gaming features, something which can be the main equipment for entertainment, would it be gaming, watching video or listening to music.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:08 PM  

  • Honestly I believe that's just cutting edge war, not else. Wii is revolutionary in its gameplay, PS3 in its graphics. You have a PC (as I), you don't care about it, fine! For many people, a console is a totally different game experience (and a agree, for the better and worse). That may justify the money spent on it.

    Anyway, it's all about people's interests. For example, I spent over 1000€ on my scalextric circuit! Therefore, I must be insane! eheheheh

    By Blogger Sergio Figueiredo, at 9:07 PM  

  • Well Said, Sergio!

    By Blogger AlRo, at 10:01 AM  

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