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Friday, December 15, 2006

Google's Holiday Wish May Come True: An Online Clone Of MS Office

It seems that Google has its hands everywhere these days. How many acquisition have they made in the past year? The only two that I can think of right now is Writely and Youtube, but I'm sure there are tons of other ones, and this is probably only a beginning. Why am I saying this? Because apparently, Montain View's giant is about to acquire a Korean based corporation that will allow them to enter in direct competition against one of Microsoft's top product: MS Office.

Rumors of a deal between Google and the Korean developer of an online Microsoft Office clone gained intensity Friday as Kang Tae-jin, CEO of the Korean firm, arrived in Silicon Valley.

Kang's firm makes the ThinkFree Office suite, a highly-regarded bundle of office software that mimics the Microsoft standard. A Google acquisition team -- reportedly the same team that led the firm's acquisition of YouTube -- has visited the Korean company for acquisition talks twice in recedays, according to Korean press reports.

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