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Friday, December 08, 2006

Go Wild for Wildfire

Are you like me? A person that likes to setup geeky stuff just for the sake of setting up geeky stuff? Well, I've gone and done it folks. I've installed and configured my very own Jabber Server on one of my machines at home. For those of you interested in actually setting up your own chat-server, I introduce to you: Wildfire, by Jive Software.

A revolution in enterprise instant messaging the combines the power, performance and support of enterprise applications with next generation flexibility... all in an Open Source package.

Wildfire 3.1 installs on any platform, comes with its own JRE package built right into it, and can either be configured to connect to a remote or local database. Once installed, administration is completely done through a simple web-interface. Between the end of the download and the completion of the installation, I had the solution working in less then 15 minutes. For an IM client to use with it, one can download Jive Software's open source client: Spark.

Some have asked, "Why? Why would you install this?" Well for my part, my answer is: "Because I can!" However, being an open-source product, Wildfire is great for corporations who wants a free, secure, private and internal IM solution for inter-departmental communication and collaboration. Wildfire is easy to set up, to administer, and with Spark as a client, easy for users to create their own account.

With an open source product like Wildfire 3.1 that interacts with public systems without sacrificing vital corporate security features, Jive Software is making business IM more functional and driving it even closer to ubiquity. Mike Osterman - President, Osterman Research

Of course you are not limited to using Spark as your IM client of choice, any Jabber client will work. Trillian and Gaim are good example of this.

So have fun with it. For a free solution, this is a surprisingly well developed product. And being Open Source, the price is right!


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