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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Are you a Geek, a Nerd, or a Dork?

Just a quick post to keep you guys entertained while resting between 2 drinking holiday season parties. The guys at Militant Geek HQ have posted a funny chart to help you discover the type of "geek" you are. A worthy read if you are currently procrastinating about your own existence.

An alarming trend that we’ve noticed at the Militant Geek HQ is the sloppy usage of the terms ‘geek’, ‘nerd’, and ‘dork’. It was almost as if certain individuals assumed that they meant the same thing! For the record Geeks are those that have technical aptitude, nerds are bright but socially awkward, and dorks are just inept excuses for protoplasm. To prevent such future travesties of verboten wonders the retired circus-monkey crew at Militant Geek has prepared this handy comparison chart:

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  • The cultivation of "geek chic" is a deeply cynical, pernicious, even nihilistic attempt to plunder lives that are more often than not emotionally destitute already, to steal their sole prized possession and trade it on the open market for a minute of juice with a sexual target, a fleeting hit of superiority in a friendly discussion, the shimmering mirage of depth for an in-flight magazine profile.

    -- D.B. Weiss, Lucky Wander Boy (novel)

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