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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Worst Tech Christmas Ever For Gadgets Lovers

CNet has an article today telling us that this year's Christmas will be the worst one ever for gadgets enthusiasts. From the massively delayed Windows Vista, to the lack of availability of the PS3, this holiday season promises to make you guys save some money. Hey, there has to be a positive side to every situation right?

Although it's shaping up to be a Christmas that even Dickens' Tiny Tim would find hard to stomach, there's always the unique pleasure of sitting around a crackling fire and grumbling like Scrooge. So here's your guide to what you'll be missing out on this Christmas, and how best to complain about it over the turkey:

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  • Windows Vista
    Microsoft has established Vista delays as a more reliable tradition than Christmas itself. While business users with a kamikaze bent can install Vista at the end of this month, home users will not be treated to the joy until sometime next year (Microsoft has set some arbitrary date for this, but we won't patronise you by printing it).

    What to say: "Enough of this, I'm switching to Mac OSX/Ubuntu Linux"
    What not to say: "Oooh! Aero!"
    Yes, come to the dark...er, brown...side!

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