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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wii Launch Report: Nintendo's Next Generation is Set in Motion

Nintendo WiiNintendo made its long-awaited comeback bid Saturday night with Wii, and the console's launch was deemed a success. Two million Wiis sold out (or came damn near close to selling out) and Link returned with Twilight Princess. But can a cute, affordable console with motion-based gameplay win the next-generation console race?

Not a whole lot is riding on the launch of the Wii - just Nintendos's future. Consider for a moment that if Sony's PlayStation 3 was to be a disappointment and its gaming business suddenly crashed, Sony itself would surely go on. As for Microsoft and its Xbox business, well, I doubt anybody weeps for a software giant with $40 billion in cash reserves. Nintendo, however, has taken more than a few lumps during the last decade.

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  • Has anyone gotten one??!

    I saw a tv spot on the PS3 - and thought to myself that it just didn't look like it was worth the money!

    Once you got your second controller all of your cables, which don't come with it (the BlueRay cables)

    And frankly, who's REALLY gonna get a PS3 to watch movies??? Everyone and their dog has a dvd player these days - it just doesn't seem worth it to me to pay nearly $1000 for a gaming system, when you can get ALMOST the same video quality in an x360 (sure not as much - but for double the cost?? C'mon?!!!!)

    So i'm wondering if this new Nintendo system is worth..

    Having a kid, we found that getting a GameCube was far better for us - because Nintendo actually develops games for kids .. whereas the other gaming systems manufacturers are bent on Killing, Murder, Crime-Spree and Death driven games that just aren't appropriate for a 6 years old boy!

    Did this new system follow in that tradition?

    By Blogger AlRo, at 9:51 AM  

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