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Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Secret of Firefox's Success

Firefox logoTechNewsWorld has an article today explaining some of the factors that recently helped Mozilla Firefox gain ground on IE.

The browser was designed to be easily understood by the average online user, but Ross admits the average user might not realize the software exists or even what the term "browser" means. So Mozilla is working to spread the word through a grass-roots push, encouraging users to "tell their dentist, tell their family members, tell people they wouldn't normally tell about this product."

The article ends with a very interesting bit from Blake Ross, Firefox's co-creator, about a new project that his team should soon start working upon.

If Firefox is a response to Internet Explorer, then what we're doing now is a response to Windows.

A response to Windows? My my, isn't this interesting? Anyone here knows more about this project? As always, the comment section is open.

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