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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Running Vista on your Old Hardware

Windows VistaIf you've been wondering about how well your old computer will handle Vista, then look no further, here is the answer! After testing Vista on three machines of varying vintage, the good folks at Ars have decided to pub the results of their tests on their site, giving you the lowdown on where Vista's performance bottlenecks are.

A little over four months ago we took a look at Windows Vista Beta 2. At the time, we received a number of comments about the lack of performance some readers were experiencing with Vista in comparison to what we were reflecting in our review. Admittedly, we tested Vista Beta 2 on young, fresh hardware in comparison to what many people out in the real world could be using. Now we want to find out how well older hardware handles Vista.

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  • They call that old hardware? pssh! The newest desktop at my house (2003) has a Celeron (166 MHz I think) with 128MB memory, and I think a 20GB HDD. Let's see, there's a slightly older one, but it's a home-built so it's got 512MB memory, still a Celeron, and 80GB HDD. Then there's the two old computers. One has a 133 MHz Pent II, 192MB memory, and 5GB HDD (and yeah, it's running XP). The other has 133MHz Celeron, 128MB memory, and no hard drive right now. I ran the "will it work with Vista" thing from M$ on the home-built, and it said no. My laptop is "Vista capable" (it has Linux on it). I'm attempting to VMWare Vista RC1 on it. It overheated (85 degrees Celsius!).

    Yeah, uh, Vista == resource hog. Gamers should not use it. It'd be like trying to play Counter Strike with Fear running in the background. Just not a good idea.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:03 PM  

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