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Friday, November 10, 2006

Microsoft Releases Windows Vista Security Guide

Vista SecurityEarlier this week, the folks at Microsoft have published the first version of their Windows Vista Security Guide. The document targets corporations and has the noble goal of helping network and system administrators such as me harden the security on PCs and laptops that run the OS.

In addition to the solutions that the guide prescribes, the
download also includes tools, step-by-step procedures, recommendations, and processes that will significantly help you streamline Vista's deployment process. Not only does the document provide you with effective security setting guidance, it also provides a reproducible method that you can use to apply these techniques to both test and production environments.

Great, now I'll have to spend a few weeks of my time reading about and testing those new security features. I'm not exactly sure if I should be laughing or crying about that, especially since the OS is still in its infancy stage. We all know that most Microsoft PRE-SP1 products brings great disapointment to their users. Now let's see if this will apply to Vista also.

Check it out!


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