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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

An Important Lesson in Privacy

Scott Granneman has always been one of my favorite security writer. His articles are always interesting, easy to understand and to the point. If everyone could read what this guy has to say, the Internet would definitely be a better, and more secure, place to visit. In his latest article, Scott takes a look at an unfortunate event that happened to a very well-known female television show host in Europe. He then uses her story to teach you a very good lesson in privacy.

The embarrassing goodies didn't have to be sexy pics and vids, of course. They could just as easily have been IM conversations, or emails, or letters, or banking info, or accounts of medical issues, or just about anything that should be seen as privy to only a very few. No matter what it is, the lesson is crystal clear: destroy that data before it leaves your possession!

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