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Monday, November 27, 2006

Health Fears Lead UK Schools to Dismantle Wireless Networks

wireless signalAccording to this Time Online article, schools in the UK have recently started to dismantle their wireless network installations due to illness concern coming from parents and teachers.

But many parents and some scientists fear that low levels of microwave radiation emitted by the transmitters could be harmful, causing loss of concentration, headaches, fatigue, memory and behavioural problems and possibly cancer in the long term. Scientific evidence is inconclusive, but some researchers think that children are vulnerable because of their thinner skulls and developing nervous systems.

After having worked in a wireless lab once a week for 6 months last year, I can attest that prolonged exposition to wireless signals can indeed cause massive headaches. If you are feeling concerned about how WI-FI signals can affect your health, here's a post we wrote a few months ago about safety guidelines to follow when working in such an environment.

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