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Thursday, November 30, 2006

First Microsoft Vista Commercial: See the Difference (Video)

Microsoft has just released the first official Vista ad. Check it out!

I wonder why this commercial makes me think of the iPod Pro 2005 XP: Human Ear Professional Edition video we posted a while ago? Hmmmm, probably because of the music...


  • I think this ad sucks.

    That having been said, I am not a Microsoft-hater; I think of myself as a Microsoft enthusiast for all things not directly Web-related (then I'm a Yahoo enthusiast).

    I think they were trying to channel the iPod's successful ad campaign here, but unlike the iPod which pretty much does one and only one thing well and with style, Microsoft is attempting to pitch an entire OS the same way.

    Sorry, guys. Slick choreography, a jazzy tune, and a multi-cultural cast of characters moving to the beat of the music might be all you need to tell the iPod's story, but doesn't give people who want to know why they should fork over upwards of $150 (not to mention the very real probability of the cost of a hardware upgrade) a whole lot of motivation to go out and trade-up XP for Vista.

    Also, wasn't the whole point of naming Windows Vista Windows Vista to highlight the changes in the UI and imply a seachange in the way the average Windows user "sees the world" through his or her PC? Way to NOT pull that message together.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:59 AM  

  • Meh, not impressed. When Microsoft gave Apple all that money, it looks like they stole a bit of Apple's style.

    Either way, this is a terrible advertisement. In terms of marketing, it's just horrible. Whoever designed this should be fired. Seriously, is this going on TV? while those of us in the technology field are probably...above average when it comes to attention span, who the heck is going to pay attention to a commercial where you actually have to READ instead of just having a guy talk? I realize that there are silent commercials on television but most of them involve scantily clad women in some way and...that's never a bad thing.

    Some of the iPod ads don't have any talking either but they are stylish and appealing. This Vista thing is just boring. Please...it might as well be for some do-it-yourself college that promises people exciting careers.

    By Anonymous Ed Lau, at 8:06 AM  

  • And there's the windows reliability thing that is always biting their toes. Honestly, If I were a Windows user (I'm pro-Linux), I would never buy the new version of it, 'cause everybody knows that at the begining if anything works well in the OS, that's odd. (that's what my fiends say, about sticking to XP two more years).

    So, concluding, the ad is awful. Nobody will believe in a better Windows with this.

    By Anonymous sérgio figueiredo, at 7:28 PM  

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