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Monday, November 27, 2006

AllAdvantage is Back!: Get Paid to Surf The Web

For those of you who were surfing the net back in 1998, you probably remember a company named AllAdvantage who used to pay people to surf the web. All you needed to do was install their "surf bar", and voilĂ , you were ready to earn some good money, especially if you could refer others. I made more then $1000 with them back then, but unfortunately, the company closed after a while.

Now, 8 years later, AllAdvantage is back, but under a new name: AGLOCO (A Global Community). This time, the founders are doing things differently to avoid making the same mistakes as in the past. The new viewbar will not be paying a flat fee per hour anymore, but will give you a share of income the viewbar earns. This way, the company will not be paying out more then they're making, which was what the old AllAdvantage did.

The new Viewbar offers spyware protection, phishing protection, Privacy protection, IM and Voice communications, RSS feeds and the list goes on.

Since we here, at [GAS], we're curious about Agloco, we decided to sign up and check out what these guys had to offer. Agloco offers a great opportunity for everyone to earn a nice little income with no risk involved at all. This business was started by a couple of stanford's MBAs and a few ex-Alladvantage founders, so there's really nothing to lose by signing up.


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