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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Alien Rain: 'our alien origins'

alienScientists believe that the red rain that had fallen in Southern India in 2001 was actually teaming with alien bacteria which could survived the extreme conditions of outer-space. This has fueled debate that the theory of 'Panspermia' is actually possible.

...recent work of Dr Louis which shows that the red rain can replicate at 300C, an essential attribute of a space micro-organism that might have to endure extreme temperatures.

Bacteria might survive the journey through space
All this has convinced Professor Wickramasinghe that the red rain is a form of alien life.

Now this can spark many other debates as well. This could support a Darwinian philosophy and blow the "Earth Created In 6 Days" philosophy out of the water.

The question is: Are the people of Earth ready for this kind of discovery amidst all of the world's religious unrest and political prejudice?

I believe that the scientific community is dying to have these questions answered. Why else would NASA and some of the finest minds in the world be spending millions, and risking their professional reputations in sending a submarine to one of Jupiter's moons as part of an effort to provide those answers?

Science is catching up people; it's just a matter of time.
Whether you agree with this or not, the notion is intriguing!

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