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Friday, October 20, 2006

SP3 Delayed

windows xpIs this an attempt from Microsoft to push people into buying Vista? Or merely a company with all of its resources bent on a single priority (get Vista and Longhorn out!)?

Microsoft announced last night that it is pushing back its release of Windows XP SP3 from late 2007 to early 2008. They cite that the release of Vista is their primary focus. This marks the second time that Microsoft pushes back SP3's release date. Some conspiracy theorist out there would suggest that they want to push users into a new Operating System (Vista) rather than keep them on an OS full of holes (XP).

I'm not sure, either way.

This article has created some discussion at Zdnet

XP SP3 is not the only projects that has been 'delayed'. Windows 2k3 SP's have been pushed back. The new version of Office was also pushed back, as reported in June, and how many times has Longhorn and Vista been delayed? Maybe Bill Gates is cashing his chips in at just the right time.


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