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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Microsoft to Open Up its E-mail Technology to Fight Spammers

spamMicrosoft has announced that they will soon open their spam-fighting technology, SenderID, under the Open Specification Promise. So, will this mean that we'll get fewer Viagra / Human hardware enlargement messages in our Inbox?

Sender ID has had a long and relatively inglorious history. In 2004, Bill Gates famously predicted that, thanks to Sender ID, spam would be "wiped out" by 2006. Of course, this miracle failed to happen, not just because the technology wasn't perfect (it wasn't) but because the vast bulk of companies managing the Internet backbone refused to adopt the technology due to concerns over patent licensing. Without such support, Sender ID died on the vine, and wasn't heard from again until two years later. Microsoft claimed that the technology had proven itself in helping curb spam on their Hotmail service, and that adoption among Fortune 500 companies had tripled over the last year.

Since Microsoft has finally removed the limitations that prevented the technology from being widely adopted, I guess we'll soon be seeing products that use Sender ID to stop spam. That's certainly great news for those who dream of a spamless Internet.

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