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Sunday, September 24, 2006

We Don't Need No Stinking iPod or Zune!

samsung q1Apple and Microsoft are going to compete for those who want to watch mobile video content, but who actually wants to watch a movie on a frickin' 2 or 3 inch display? Is there anything else out there that has no limits on content and provides a much better multimedia experience while still being somewhat portable?

I have loaded lots of content on my mobile devices, but watching video is done more to show people what can be done rather than what I actually do on a regular basis. Before picking up the Samsung Q1 I was using my PSP for video content on the airplane because it had a larger display for a more enjoyable viewing experience. Is video content really that enjoyable on a 2 inch iPod display?

Zdnet blogger Matthew Miller seems to have discovered a perfect solution to the problem with the Samsung Q1. Oh the Q1 is very nice indeed, but don't get me wrong, at $1000USD, it's way too expensive to be used simply as a media player. I'd also be curious to learn about how long the battery can really last on this thing. We all know how much video content can drag power from batteries on portable devices.

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