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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Microsoft Jumps On YouTube Bandwagon

microsoft soapboxI'll start this post with a quote from my pal Oliver at Tech Filter:

Anything successful is worth competition

It seems that Microsoft, by launching a video-sharing site, wants to grab (steal?) a part of the 'YouTube' pie before too many competitors start to pop up on the web. The service, which is named 'Soapbox', is entering beta phase today and is supposed to officially launch within the next six months.

"Microsoft is jumping on this bandwagon with some uncertainty with where it's going, but the company believes it needs to be on board," Joe Wilcox, an analyst at Jupiter Research, told Reuters news agency.

In my own opinion, I think that Microsoft is just trying, yet again, to be a party crasher. If they don't plan to offer some truly unique features with their new service (and according to current reviews, they don't), their attempt to enter the 'video-sharing' market will most certainly fail miserably.

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