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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Expanding the challenge to the iTunes market

emusicGreat news for all you UK and European based, non-iPod owning, music lovers. The second largest online download retailer has opened its doors to the UK and European market:

eMusic is the second most successful download site in the US after Apple's iTunes Music Store, and will sell tracks from 8,500 independent labels.

The subscription-based site will offer MP3 recordings that work on all digital music players, including Apple's iPod.

And unlike Apple's iTunes AAC formatting, tracks are available in MP3 format and without restrictive Digital Rights Management:

Apple and many other legal download services that use their own DRM technology also limit the numbers of computers a track can be played on, or the number of times it can be burnt onto a CD.

eMusic does not use any DRM.

"We are not against DRM," said Steve McCauley, European president of eMusic. "But we are against technology that prevents customers doing what they want with their music."

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