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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Support Freedom, Support OSL

Via mozillaZine

As many of you know, we utilize Oregon State University's Open Source Lab for our hosting and support. They do a fantastic job of taking care of us here, as well as a number of other great projects including phpBB, Drupal, Gentoo, mozdev, the Mozilla Foundation/Corporation, and many others. The OSL is kicking off their 2006 Rackathon today to raise money in support of their efforts to provide great hosting support to the Open Source community. In lieu of our traditional mozillaZine donation drive, we ask that you donate directly to the Open Source Lab, which will help increase the capacity of OSL to not only help us here at mozillaZine, but all the other great projects hosted at the OSL.

Mozilla's (and all those other awesome-and-free) open-source worlds wouldn't exist in their fine form today if it wasn't for Oregon State University's OSL. They make it possible for all of you to download, use, and contribute to a TON of freely available software. If you can spare some cash, please consider donating to this cause. Just think about the amount of money you're already saving because of them. Giving them even a fraction of that value is far more thanks than they're even hoping to get. Want to truly support freedom? This is freedom.


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