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Friday, August 25, 2006

Pyramid Head to return in Silent Hill: Origins

pspAt Konami's Summer Press BBQ, I got a chance to sit down with Will Oertel (producer for the upcoming Silent Hill: Origins on the PSP) to talk about some of Origins' elusive details. In particular, one of my questions drew a rather interesting reply:

Vansau: So something that a lot of us want to know about the game is whether or not Pyramid Head is going to come back into the franchise. Does he return in Origins?

Will Oertel: (long pause) How do I answer that? My hesitation would mean that that’s not a no, but not saying “yes” doesn’t mean it’s a yes either. It’s somewhere in between… Pyramid Head as depicted in Silent Hill 2 does not appear in this game.

Read the rest of the interview.


  • What happened to the full text? I am gone for 2 weeks and the place falls apart?


    By Anonymous convictus, at 9:20 PM  

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