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Monday, August 07, 2006

Print to PDF

This is an odd, yet interesting feature that may interest some, but probably won't interest others. At work, I've run into a number of situations where it would be extremely nice to create .pdf documents out of a variety of other documents. For example, there's a need to distribute static documents via CD that originate from one of our dynamically driven, crazy CMS-powered websites.

A quick-and-dirty solution would be to simply "print" these pages to .pdf files. This makes sense, being that I would be technically distributing these documents as digital "printed" documents for offline viewing, rather than "screen" media. This functionality is built into OS X out-of-the-box. I haven't tried yet with my Fedora Core 5 laptop, but there appears to be a
myriad of options and ways of doing such a thing. Also, OpenOffice can do this, and Office 12 will theoretically do so as well. Windows in general though, just can't.

Thankfully, there are a some 3rd party solutions that I heard about from
dl.tv recently. From the "free and open-source" camp, there is PDFCreate. Also mentioned (from the "free but not open-source" camp) were PrimoPDF and CutePDF.

You may have a use for this functionality, or you may not. But at least there's a solution to this problem, should the need (or opportunity to help some poor soul out) arise.


  • At my work we use Pdf Factory (http://www.pdffactory.com/). Very simple program, like it alot.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:21 AM  

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