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Monday, August 28, 2006

Nothing is Ever 'Free' on the Web

The McAfee Siteadvisor blog has an interesting post today about the hidden cost of free software on the web. They warn that the results produced by using the "free" keyword on search engines often lead users to malicious, malware-spreading websites. Is anyone here crazy enough to search Google for things like "Free Screensavers", "Free Ringtones" or "Free Music"? If you're going to answer "yes" to this question, then please go bang your head on the nearest wall a few times; it may help bring you back on the path of good sense.

We in the technical community are aware that screensaver downloads often come with potentially unwanted programs. Yet typical consumers conduct 15 million searches for screensavers every month. The problem, in our view, is that the screensaver "freebie" often comes with adware strings attached. And it's not just consumers. Major advertisers continue to use adware vendors. Remember the recent episode with Warner Bros. and Zango?

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  • nothing is ever for free. everything comes with a price. i dont understand how people thought this wouldn't pertain to the internet.

    dream world people!

    <~~~ technotard yet common sense taught me that.

    By Blogger Yasamin, at 7:59 PM  

  • There are a lot of cool freeware programs that I use everyday. I use Picasa to manage my photos on my work PC, I use Firefox on both my Mac and PC, and my blog is run on the excellent Wordpress software. I use Skype on my Mac to talk to family overseas and iTunes is fantastic music software. I'm not even touching the great open-source Linux community. People need to be careful about what they download, and be sure check the reviews at http:www.versiontracker.com. Having a Mac makes playing with shareware and freeware much safer. If you do have a PC, be sure to do some research before downloading that program, have your spyware software updated, and be careful!

    By Anonymous David J. Syzdek, at 11:35 AM  

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