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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Generation Y for Dummies

eWeek has a great article on the emergence of Generation Y into the work market. As Baby boomers slowly start to retire, management jobs are left opened, and we, of Generation X, take advantage of this situation to move up the corporate ladder. Generation Y is then there to fill in the gaps created by our promotion. As pointed out by the article, companies will have to treat this new generation of workers in a completely different way if they want them to be loyal and productive.

Generation Y, made up of those born between 1977 and 1990, goes by innumerable names—"The MyPod Generation," for their penchant for social networking sites such as MySpace and their surgically attached iPods, "The Baby Boomlets," referring to their status as children of the "Baby Boom" generation, and "The Boomerang Generation," in reference to the hordes who have moved back in with their parents after living on their own for a while—that tell you a lot about what to expect.

The only thing that pisses me off with IT newbies that recently came out of school is that I feel that their knowledge base is really incomplete. Most of them don't even know a thing about DOS or Batch files, so when you're talking to them about these things, the only reaction you get is an empty-headed stare which mean something like "Uh? Was I supposed to know anything about this?"

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Note: For those that are interested in reading the eWeek magazine on paper format, you can do so by subscribing to it for free right here.


  • Anyone who doesn't at least know of punchcards and 5.25" floppy disks does not belong in an IT department.

    Not realizing that there were dozens of OSes in the 80s and that's why not all floppy disks work in all 80s computers (no, the disk's not corrupted...maybe)--okay, that's understandable. We grew up believing Windows was the only OS and may have known about Mac if our schools did "Apples for Students" (after getting rid of the 80s computers, my school had all Windows 95 and one Mac). Okay, so there's 2 operating systems, then, right? Uh, well, not exactly...OS/2? Linux? *blank stare* Okay, then, moving on...Can it please be a requirement to at least learn to function reasonably well (and use the shell!) with a *nix OS other than Mac OS X in order to get a computer science degree? Do you have any idea how annoying it is to go to a computer store and say something about Linux, get a confused look, and be sent to their repair department (the only people in the store who might know about Linux--and Best Buy's Geek Squad members often do not know a thing about Linux).

    Again, if you don't know that Windows is based on DOS, you don't belong in IT. I may not be able to make my way around all those DOS commands, but hey, I've grown up on GUIs. Now, give me a Linux shell, and I'm just fine. Based on that, give me the list of DOS commands and I'll be alright there too (I know "cd" and "del *.*" for DOS haha).

    Maybe I only remember 5.25" floppies at my age because my first computer was a Digital Rainbow 100 and in first grade the computer classes used those disks and LOGO (the turtle game!), but I was born in 1988! If Gen Y is 1977-1990, how about the large chunk of Gen Y that's older than me? You guys should remember this, and you should probably remember punch cards too (something I only know about from passing mentions of it in computer science classes).

    By Blogger Mackenzie, at 3:33 PM  

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