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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday Morning Wisdom

Tech Republic has 2 excellent articles this morning for you to enjoy. Both contains valuable advices that shouldn't be taken lightly by any IT pros, whether they be junior or senior.

What not to do in a server room

Your server room may be perfect; every ethernet cable in place, all KVM and power cables neatly tucked into the sides of the racks. Your comm rack may be a marvel of modern cable management. Unfortunately, not all server rooms are so lucky.

Confessions of an IT pro: My nine biggest professional blunders

We've all had at least one or two embarrassing moments on the job, whether they involved inadvertently wreaking havoc on a system, making a social gaffe, or mishandling a project. IT pro Becky Roberts decided to come clean and share her worst career moments--along with the lessons she took away from each experience.

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