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Monday, July 17, 2006

Private Folder 1.0 Update

Last week, I wrote a small rant about Microsoft and their decision to release a free add-on that allowed regular XP users to easily create a private folder that would encrypt anything they save in it. Unfortunately, the tool was released without having corporate environments in mind, so after getting hit by a firestorm of complaints from angry network administrators, Microsoft had to pull the utility from their site within a few days.

Private Folder 1.0 was designed as a benefit for customers running genuine Windows," Microsoft said in a statement to CNET News.com on Friday. "However, we received feedback about concerns around manageability, data recovery and encryption, and based on that feedback, we are removing the application today.

Today? This quote comes from an article written on July 14th. We are now July 17th and the utility can still be downloaded via its original location. Obviously, there's someone at Microsoft who isn't doing his job very well.

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  • It's sad that the app on went down so quickly because I didn't even get an opportunity to check it out. It sounded cool. I do know there are other, arguably much better ways to do it but it was from Microsoft so it was a strange rare change from there average Applications.

    By Blogger Michael, at 1:49 AM  

  • Micheal: You could always give TrueCrypt a Try, I know the app doesn't do exactly the same thing, but hey, nothing is perfect in this world ;)

    I blogged about it a few days ago, right here.

    By Blogger Kiltak, at 6:44 AM  

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