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Thursday, July 27, 2006

The newest iTunes peripheral? Video games.

(please, please, please don't sue us Steve Jobs)

Man, just when you thought the Left Behind video game couldn't get any weirder (criticism for its dominionist overtones, supposedly advocating Christian-oriented terrorism, and being an overtly violent title while its creators claim that digital violence is detrimental to gamers), it seems that Left Behind: Eternal Forces isn't going to pull out any stops when it comes to cashing in on its potential legions of Christ-following gamers.

Not only is there going to be in-game advertising provided by Double Fusion, with good old-fashioned spyware keeping track of what ads stay on the screen for what amount of time, but now there will also be in-game links to the Apple iTunes store.

According to InformationWeek,

"After each game level you win, a reward screen pops up with the name of the song and artist," said Jeff Frichner, Left Behind Games president and cofounder. "The link takes the person to the album track on the iTunes site."

"Reward screen," eh? Somehow, I doubt that players are going to be able to download that music for free when they beat the level; perhaps a better term would be "highway robbery screen" instead. To be honest, I'm still more interested in what's going to be in the "family-friendly" advertisements that the developers announced a couple of months ago...


  • Oh man, You guys provide excellent content, I love your blog.

    "highway robbery screen"


    By Anonymous Jimmy, at 9:24 AM  

  • There is going to be a "Left Behind" game. Aren't those the books about the end of the world? How would you make that a game. I think that they are just playing on the fact that most christians would buy anything to do with christianity.


    By Blogger Michael, at 10:08 AM  

  • Personally, I'm fed up with the "Christian Crazes." (Namely, books like Left Behind, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Purpose Driven Life, and The Prayer of Jabez)

    Sure, Ibenefit from them more than most, (I attend Liberty University, a school that might as well receive a paycheck from Tim LaHaye) but I'm sick of them. All of them.

    Good luck getting me to play this crap. I wouldn't even pirate it!

    By Blogger JPatch, at 4:45 PM  

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