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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Magic 8-Ball talks Zune

John Gruber (the Daring Fireball) does this thing where he becomes a Magic 8-Ball, and proceeds to talk to himself. Most recently, the Gruber-Magic-8-Ball discussed Microsoft's rumored "Zune" media player/store/service/thing.

Now some people who've been exposed to Daring Fireball might say "this is just more Mac-centric anti-Microsoft crazy talk from an Apple Zealot." Those in that camp should get themselves beyond that superficial impression and take a closer look at what John tends to talk about, especially in light of the cross-blog dialog regarding the Dive-Into-Mark "switch away from Mac" thing. The guy generally talks a lot of sense, and there are some important platform-independent issues he will sometimes address.

At the very least though, his posts (especially when he mutates into a mystical shiny black sphere filled with cryptic wisdom) are entertaining to read. To quote a small piece of the JohnGruber-to-Gruber8Ball dialog:

Q: And so now that Microsoft is abandoning the licensing model (or at least deprecating it) in favor of a closed model that they completely control, will all those pundits who’ve been predicting doom for the iPod for the last four years declare that Microsoft, like Apple, is now making the same mistake with Zune that Apple made with the Macintosh in the 1980s?


Q: Jackasses.


After reading the entire conversation, I also noticed a number of similarities with the continuing "We're going to flaunt a bunch of really cool features, then slowly gut said promised cool features out until there's almost nothing truly different or worth while" fiasco that has become the Microsoft Vista OS. I've stopped getting overly excited about Vista, and I'm not going to hold my breath for Zune either.


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