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Monday, July 03, 2006

Internet Explorer 7 Uses Less Memory then Firefox

The guys at Tom's Hardware got their hand on the latest beta of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7, and guess what they found out? Beta 3 leaves a smaller memory footprint than Firefox for the same workload, at least in preliminary tests. Will this incite old IE users who switched to Firefox to get back using Microsoft's browser?

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edit: A new tidbit of information about the Firefox memory issue was added to the article after I first read it. It seems that there is a way for Firefox to replicate what IE 7 is doing to let Windows claim back its lost memory when the browser is minimized. Check out the article for more details. Many thanks to Wom for the pointer.


  • Actually, as it says in that same article, Firefox can easily be configured to where it can even take up less resources when minimzed.

    I've had it that way ever since I started using Firefox a year and a half ago.

    When it's open (I have like 20 extensions and 8+ tabs open at once), it uses up 110 MB of memory...once minimized, it only takes up 17 MB.

    By Anonymous wom, at 7:00 PM  

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