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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

How to Convert a Batch File into an Executable

RenegadeTech from the Renegade's Random Tech blog pubbed this very useful tutorial showing how to convert batch files or .vbs scripts into executable files by using IExpress, a lesser-known native XP application. This could be very useful for all of you heavy scripters out there.

Windows XP will not allow you to pin a shortcut to the start menu that points to a network drive. For this reason it can be necessary to write a batch file to launch a program. The issue is that a shortcut pointed to a .bat file also contains no “Pin to Start Menu” option. While it can be dragged onto the start menu, this leaves no option for scripting these shortcuts. The simple solution is to convert the .bat file to an .exe file and lucky for us Windows XP includes a tool that can do it…

Check it out (via LifeHacker).


  • I recommend you to use ExeScript 3 to convert any script to executable.

    It allows you to execute your application right from memory. In this case, the security of the script is enhanced since it is virtually impossible to see its content. Also, it allows you to considerably speed up the execution of applications. This compilation type is recommended to be used in case you need maximum protection for your script, for example, if passwords are used in the script.

    More information here:

    By Blogger vbstoexe, at 8:29 AM  

  • Another benefit of ExeScript is a small EXE size. It's very important.

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