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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Famous Logos redone for Web2.0

The "Web2.0" craze made me tired and annoyed long ago. It's a dumb, innacurate, meaningless, hype-filled buzzword. But it is applied to a real shift in web in web technology (not worth of a "full .0 release), and an interesting aesthetic standard.

Shiny glass/plastic, tasteful dropshadows and bevels, and the nice subtle gradient...this is the stuff of a "Web2.0" logo. It's all over the place. Look around, and you'll find this kind of design very quickly.

Even better, there are people who've had some Photoshop fun, and put together some nice (and rather pretty-looking) mockeries of this design aesthetic. What would famous (yet boring?) logos look like in the world of "Web2.0"?

Read more to find out. There is also a Digg thread on this topic.


  • Indeed Geeks are sexy... Would you like to use some of your geekiness to help me with my html on my blog? It needs some sprucing.


    By Blogger Char-Marie, at 6:59 PM  

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