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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Eidos games help establish record profits for parent company. Theologians search for icebergs in hell.

Remember when Eidos used to produce edgy, well-made, and (above all) cool games? Well, since their takeover by SCi, it seems like this trend may get re-established and we gamers might stop getting junk like 25 to Life and Get on Da Mic and once again start seeing more fine titles like those in the Legacy of Kain franchises, Fear Effect, Project Snowblind, and Deus Ex.

SCi definitely has some incentive to produce more quality titles: according to the company, the exceptionally strong sales of both Tomb Raider: Legend and Hitman: Blood Money have provided a record-setting profit of roughly $45.6 million (around 25 million pounds). Apparently,
Legend has sold 2.9 million copies and Blood Money has moved 1.5 million copies since the games' respective releases this spring.

This is really big news for Eidos, who has been a bit of a laughingstock in the gaming industry for the past couple of years due to their frequently late and usually low-quality games (i.e. Get on Da Mic, 25 to Life, Smart Bomb, Shellshock: Nam, etc). Hopefully, with SCi at the helm, this marks the beginning of a new era for Eidos.

Read about it at Joystiq


  • Hitman: Blood Money is a freakin' awesome game and Edios should be proud!

    By Blogger Orhan Kahn, at 10:12 AM  

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