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Friday, July 21, 2006

Belkin's Wi-Fi Phone for Skype

Wi-Fi phones are great: they're cheap and they let you call almost anywhere on the planet for free. Free as long as the other person you're trying to reach uses the same service (such as Skype) and have an Internet connection. There had to be a catch somewhere right? Nothing is perfect in this world. If you're currently looking for a Wi-Fi VoIP solution, let me point you to one that is supposed to enter the market next month and looks quite cool: The Belkin Wi-Fi Phone for Skype. With it, you can make free calls to any skype user on the planet without having to turn on your computer. All you have to do to place a call is open the phone, browse your list of contacts to see if the person you want to reach is online, and select him. VoilĂ , instant free call to any location! The phone will feature WPA and WPA2 with PSK support for secure calls and also 802.11b/g compatibility.

Check it out (via gearlog)


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