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Friday, July 07, 2006

Basic Journey of a Packet

SecurityFocus.com columnist Don Parker wrote this fantastic article that takes a look at the journey of a packet as it travels through the Internet, from packet creation to switches, routers, NAT, and the packet's traverse across the Internet. A great read for all you networking N00Bz out there.

From the article:

For many people new to the field, the first encounter with a computer is still a rather memorable one. When one discovers the Internet, the sheer magnitude of information provokes a sense of awe, and hopefully creates some curiosity on how the underlying technologies work. Perhaps the following quote from Humpty Dumpty is quite apropos, "We've crossed through the looking glass, Alice." One has seemingly entered a whole new world when using a computer to interact with other systems across the world. It is the curiosity about how this works that drives those new to the field to need to understand how did the computer and network does its thing. How did the information go from one computer to the next, and in turn go through all the various devices in order to reach its destination, sometimes continents away?

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