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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Vista Hardware: What to Buy Today for Tomorrow's OS

Mr. Rist from the Infoworld's SMB IT blog wrote this little article while getting roasted on Honolulu's beaches about the kind of machine you should be buying now if you intend to run today's PC with Vista tomorrow.

So Redmond's recommended hardware specs go like this (and this is straight from Microsoft's Get Ready for Vista Web site):

-512MB RAM (1GB for Premium)
-A 'modern processor (at least 800MHz)", which later becomes more specific for "Vista Premium" as 1GHz x86 or x64 processor
-A graphics processor that can run DirectX 9 with support for WDDM, Pixel Shader 2 and 32-bits per pixel as well with 64MB of video RAM to support a basic desktop monitor resolution 1024x1280
-A 40GB hard disk with 15GB of free space
-DVD-ROM drive

Okay, no offense Microsoft, but after playing with this OS for a while, that's a fairy tale. And for the record, we did try this with a 900MHz CPU-equipped PC that also had 512MB of RAM, a 40GB hard disk (with all 40GBs free) and a 64MB Intel-based graphics sub-system. The only thing that probably came up short here was the Intel graphics card. But even so, that configuration was pitifully slow.

As always, MS has been bullshitting us with their "recommended hardware specs". Shame on them!

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