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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

L.A. sheriff to use drones for surveillance

The city of L.A. just announced that it is going to be using remotely controlled surveillance drones to catch some real-time color footage of crimes in progress, eliminating the need of exposing officers to dangerous situations that do not require direct action. At $30,000 per unit, the victims of the drone's objective are better not be aware that they are filmed, because all of this could become very expensive for Los Angeles if criminals decide to start shooting on the high-tech devices.

If deputies want a bird’s-eye view of a standoff, they might scramble the unmanned drone instead of a helicopter to get a closer, quieter look. Within minutes, real-time color video would be streamed to a portable computer system manned by an officer 250 feet (76 meters) below.

Read more (via tech. filter).


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